Tourist Guide Paris

Shopping: Antiques, Books, Flea Markets, Department- stores

Shopping in Paris


In Paris although there are several antique stores, only three are absolute highlights. ‘Drouot’ is the name of the most famous antiques-auction house in which annually more than 600,000 treasures are exchanged by owners – the majority of which is jewellery. In the ‘Depot de Vente de Paris’ – a large warehouse with 3000 square metres of exhibition space, visitors can get hold of genuine antique bargains. From furniture to jewellery to paintings, visitors will receive items at very reasonable prices. The ‘Village Saint-Paul’ comprises of several joined back-yards with 90 stores in which guests can obtain almost any antique object that they are looking for.


Shakespeare & Co. is called the most famous book store in Paris – which also has a whole array of antique books in its inventory. Here visitors can obtain almost anything that has a literary name and rank. Another very good address is that of three of the most versatile book stores in Les Halles, in which visitors can expect to find almost exclusively the work of French artists. For those who prefer things a little more eccentric should take a walk along the river bank of the Seine where one can obtain both comical as well as serious literature at reasonable prices.

Flea market: Puces de Saint-Quen Clignancourt

Flea markets

‘Puces de Saint-Quen’ directly above the ‘Clignancourt’ metro station is the most famous flea market in Paris and at the same time the largest of its kind in the world; located within an entire district and measuring a total of 15 kilometres. However Paris is also home to the smallest flea market in the world – ‘Marches des Rosiers’, comprised only of 20 stalls on two floors. The ‘Marche d’Aligre’ is a flea market with a difference. Apart from Monday, this market is open from morning to evening and young people in particular can also obtain some bargains.

Department Stores

Whoever speaks fashion says ‘Colette’. This prestigious department store is the ‘hippest’ of its kind - in which great designers like Yves Saint-Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld showcase several times a year. When it comes to shoes ‘La Fayette’ is the world’s most famous department store; whoever crosses its threshold is very high profile and has a black Master-Card! ‘Le Printemps’ is one of the most prestigious department stores in which visitors are never short of amazed because here it glistens and sparkles at least once on each floor. This true temple leaves little to be desired.