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The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is also known as Tour Eiffel and certainly belongs to the most popular attractions in Paris. The Eiffel Tower has many platforms and thus offers breathtaking views over the entire city. Even if you are standing on the first level you have a broad view over the Paris.

In the past buildings in Paris were not permitted to be built any taller than 40metres. The first platform of the Eiffel tower stands at 57 metres; as a result one can already see the city perimeters from here. The second platform of the Eiffel tower is 115 metres in height. Both platforms can be climbed onto by foot with good endurance and breath, the third platform however which stands at a height of 276 metres can only be reached by elevator.

Paris is famously known as being the ‘city of love’ and a climb up the Eiffel Tower is certainly worthwhile for a romantic sunset.

During the sunset one can still see the silhouettes of the city well. Then one by one the countless lights of the city begin to turn on, a truly memorable moment; from the top everything is very peaceful.

Gustave Eiffel was the Lord to whom Paris owes its tower because he was its architect, with construction lasting from 1887 to 1889. The aim was for the construction to be completed by the time of the World Exhibition – and this it was. After the mentioned exhibition had taken place, the tower was due to be demolished however, as one can see, nothing came of this plan!

Despite the early time period in which it was built, the Eiffel tower is a true technological miracle. Even in a heavy storm, the tower barely sways from side to side. Approximately every 6 years it requires a new coat of paint – to do this one needs 60 tonnes of paint per year!

The Eiffel Tower is known all around the world. It even has several replicas e.g. in Las Vegas, and even Tokyo’s Television Tower is miniature in comparison to the Eiffel Tower. Whoever wishes to visit the Eiffel Tower on their trip is best to use the metro in getting there. One should leave the train at station ‘Trocadero’ and walk over the square and past the Palais de Chaillot. From here you can directly access the stately tower. For all those travelling and especially young lovers, it is particularly worthwhile to take photos at the Palais de Chaillot.

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