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Opéra Garnier (Paris Opera)

Opéra Garnier
Source:   Photographer: Anja Semling

Nothing has made the Opera Garnier more known than the myth of the “Phantom of the Opera’ after a series of strange incidents such as noises from the cellar and an unexplained accident. For a long time after this no one ever ventured into the basement of the Opera house. The Phantom of the Opera is even today still on everyone’s lips and now makes its rounds around the world in the form of a musical- amazing both young and old. Ballet performances are now primarily held in the opera house however one can of course still admire operatic performances here too.

The Opera Garnier was named after its architect – Charles Garnier and was opened in 1857. However its construction was very difficult as it was almost impossible to set firm foundations for the building. The reason for this being the underground lake, which is also known from the Phantom of the Opera because the phantom rides across this lake in a boat! A ‘real’ lake this is not however, rather it is a ground water basin that from time to time is cleared out by the fire department. Up until 1989 the Opera Garnier was the largest in the world, after which the Opera Bastille took its place.