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Moulin Rouge

Every traveller from any corner of the world, in one way or the other, dreams of spending a couple of days and nights in one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the world. With an array of affordable flights to Paris offered by a number of airlines, coming to this heavenly place is now made easier. Aside from its romantic scenic spots, Paris has a lot more to offer! Check out this website to know the other fun and memorable activities you can do here.

An evening in Paris is more like an adventure than an outing. Particularly around Trocardo and the Champs-Elysées there are many bars, clubs and night-clubs which are unfortunately often overcrowded and overprices. But you can find a cheap Hotel in Paris by Citysam, try it. The best music venues and the infamous Moulin Rouge are paradoxically found in the red-light district of Paris. The can-can is especially worth a visit because no-where else do ladies understand better how to swing their legs and skirts!

The most breathtaking view of Paris in the summer can be seen in the district of Sacré Coeur. Those who would prefer something a little quieter should resort to Marais. Homosexuals prefer this area – the most famous gay district of Paris lies here after all! The city magazine ‘Pariscope’ informs young people and tourists about current festivities and also about the opening times of respective localities.

Cafes and bars are actually one and the same in the city of love, whereby one does not however have to go without freshly tapped beer. Unfortunately, many young people find Paris too boring, as a result the party scene is often gathered in private homes or on the streets. Next to Berlin and London, Paris is a little too stuck in the past according to critics. As a result Paris is not considered the Mecca for young people, rather is more considered as a dreamy, sensual city with a lot of history. Paris and The Paris nightclub Association are planning more party and fun for the future. The famous attractions aside, the city also has many trendy locations to offer e.g. the ‘VIP Room Theatre’ or the ‘Showcase’. In Paris – the most visited city in Europe, there is something for everyone – whether you prefer a more easy going-groovy party or more contemplative classical music.

Even from a culinary perspective, Paris has more than just a lot to offer. Depending on which flavour you prefer, whether the budget is small or large one can look forward to choice and exquisite, varied cuisine. In the centre of the city is the ‘man of the world’ - everything one could wish for or desire and similarly in slightly more remote areas, the average holiday maker will also find exuberant and delicious cuisine.

Of course Paris also has fast-food and the old traditional French Kitchen - one does not always have to eat frog’s legs or snails! Paris is the city of lights and as soon as it gets dark, one will see exactly why this name has made the city so famous.

Paris at night

All the monuments at this time shimmer in the bright lights and even the charming, ornate streets with their cafes and restaurants create a wide range of light-games. At the end of a long day, the French often meet in a café with their friends so that they can have a fun and a relaxed end to their evening. The nightlife starts here when other Europeans go to bed; and this is not just at weekends, rather every day! Afterwards most of the French go home, however many will then also pay a visit to a theatre or go to the cinema to watch a movie!

In France one will always find many events and celebrations. To avoid missing out on anything, look in the train stations and kiosks as announcements for up-coming events can be found everywhere. Many events in Paris do not begin until 21 hours because the French are used to starting their days after work with fun and joy.

Paris has many theatre productions on offer each week. Many of the ticket offices are situated close to the ‘Right Banks hotels which however should be avoided as many of the tickets are overpriced here. The cheapest tickets can be bought directly from the box-office. Students – on showing a student ID card will receive discounts or can purchase ‘last-minute’ tickets.

Particularly popular with younger people is the Café Brasserie St-Regis, as it stays open till late. Here one can still enjoy a coffee or a freshly tapped beer. Even more interesting is if one dares to do things the way a Parisian does; a mug of beer to take –away and then strolling through the city.

Whoever likes barley drinks is advised to pay a visit to the ‘Sous-Bock Tavern. Here one can choose from a selection of just under 250 varieties of Beer and 20 different varieties of whiskey! Popular with younger people of the ‘nouveau riche’ is the ‘Sanz-Sans’. Wild –party kids celebrate to trendy jazz-grooves until the early hours of the morning.

Above all young people like the many different bars and pubs. The modern Parisians like to imitate other ‘worlds’ and hence year after year new bars sprout up out of the ground which, with an English, Australian or American flair really attract the foreigners. Paris locals however like to conduct pub crawls (and this does not mean a relaxing coffee drinking!)

Nightlife in Paris     Nightlife in Paris

The gay and lesbian district of Paris is growing inexorably in Paris. There are countless pubs and clubs which however come and go so quickly that even the trendy ‘Magazine’ does not manage to keep visitors and locals up to date! The true nightlife however can be found in the east in Ménilmontant. This is an area with many sophisticated restaurants and pubs. Here the young scene reigns and it is only here that you will find the latest hits and the trendiest fashions of the season. However even the centre of Paris as the heart of the modern night life has numerous cafes, pubs and clubs to offer.

Regardless of whether it is live music, Dance and Trance, House, Pop or Funk, in Paris everyone will find something and with an appropriate guide (which as mentioned can be found all over Paris or even online), the nightlife in Paris will serve as an unforgettable experience. It is not for nothing that Paris is the ‘City of love’ and the most visited city in Europe!