Tourist Guide Paris

Madeleine Church

The Madeleine Church lies in the 8th Arrondissement and is one of the most well known attractions of the city. The Church is as graceful as a temple because Napoleon’s honour is depicted here in an impressive way. Originally the Madeleine Church should have been a hall of fame for the brave soldiers and should go down in history as ‘Temple à la gloire’. However after Napoleon ended his campaign in Russia, he changed his mind and wanted to build a church. The pompous church was consecrated in 1845.

Standing inside the church, one is immediately reminded of an ancient Roman Bath; the three ornamental domes of the building enhance this feeling and at the end of the building remains a statue of Mary Magdalene. In addition the Madeleine Church is a place at which funeral services are held for prominent personalities, so in 1849 a Mass was held there for Frederic Chopin and in 1992 for Marlene Dietrich.