Tourist Guide Paris

The City of technology and science (Cité des sciences et de l'industrie)

The ‘city of technology and science’ offers a one in a kind experience. The entire technical culture of France meets here in an exhibition centre and it is not only children and school excursions that have the opportunity to try out, to touch and to admire technology. Know and understand how something works in technology and science - all at close proximity! The largest popular science museum in Europe offers all science and technology enthusiasts a wide range of knowledge and variety. Here everyone has the opportunity to internalise compact knowledge and to understand scientific connections.

Consequently you will find the knowledge here not just concentrated but also divided into many rooms and age groups. The ‘Cité des Enfants’ is especially suitable for children. Here children between the ages of 3-5 and 6-15 have extensive opportunities to try out anything which relates to technology. However the presentations about space, the planets and the universe also serve as spectator-magnets. It comes as no surprise then that thousands of people annually visit the museum. The museum is so large that each subject area, be it bio-technology or life on earth roughly has enough size and space for its own Museum! Next to the science museum is a large cyber-base, a media-library and many more cultural and scientific institutions. 360 metres in diameter has e.g. the large glass ball next to the museum which serves as the open-air area for IMAX films.