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The Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe
Source: Photographer: Birgit Winter

The army built the Arc de Triomphe in the years 1806-1836 directly in the middle of the ‘Place Charles de Gaulle’. Napoleon himself was a patron of the ‘Arc de Triomphe’ and the famous architects Raymond and Chalgrin executed his requests. Until its completion, the entire appearance was changed six times until it was finalised in its current form. Today the French National holiday is celebrated at the Arc de Triomphe, and the army holds parades here. Beneath the terrace there is a memorable museum which in particular depicts and describes the subject of the French army and the history of the country. The Arc is 45 metres wide and 50 metres high and its great arch is impressive at a total height of 29 metres. If one goes on to the terrace you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. Not only can you see ‘Notre Dame’ and the Eiffel Tower, but also the entire 12 Avenues which meet at the Arc de Triomphe. Aside from the view it is worth having a coffee or a delicious ice cream with which one can then easily manage the 284 steps to climb up and descend. The monument is well attended and particularly in the warmer months many school trips are made to the Arc, hence at times it can be quite loud. Those who find this a little too chaotic should ideally get on a sight-seeing bus at ‘Charles de Gaulle’ and can enjoy the tour and views of the city from there.