Tourist Guide Paris

Paris – City of Love

Tourist Guide Paris: sightseeing and informations about Paris e.g. the Tour Eiffel

Paris is one of France’s most famous cities. Known in particular through the historical background and the French Revolution, Paris annually attracts countless numbers of tourists. The ‘city of love’ as it is sometimes called, awaits with many attractions including the The Eiffel Tower, the Hôtel de Ville, Sacré Coeur, the The Arc de Triomphe, the little sister of the Statue of Liberty and of course the Catacombs to name but a few. No other European city has so many attractions to offer and even the Parisian night life is at least worth a visit. Above all this neighbouring country offers endless possibilities for a first class vacation. City visitors will be thrilled but even swimming fans will obtain their money’s worth; after all France is surrounded by two oceans.

However, true adventure is in making a trip to Disneyland, Paris. Old and young will be able to enjoy the attractions here. Couples in love should ideally visit Paris alone and enjoy their trip with many stops at romantic monuments and visits to sensual cafes, making Paris a dream location for ‘turtle doves’. To find Hotels in Paris isn't a problem. Even young people are excited as Paris offers a by no means insignificant amount of shopping-paradises, above all the Champs-Elysées with its shopping streets and dreams. The nightlife is shaped by the French attitude to life where the terms “freedom, equality and brotherhood” are not just slogans, rather a fact because if one has planned an overnight stay in Paris, it is better off to ask where should one go rather than what one wants to do’. The choice is in fact so large that one night will hardly be sufficient. Paris captivates with its contrast between hustle and bustle, serenity and modesty. Modern meets the traditional and hence one will find the well travelled alongside the typical natives!